Client Profile - Mimark

Mimark is redefining personal identification with the launch of its Virtual ID service. Anyone can be in a position to help someone in need, simply by scanning the wearer’s unique QR Code or texting their unique ID number, free of charge. Downloading a person’s virtual id provides their key information such as name, emergency contacts, allergies and any medical conditions.

Tracy had two very good reasons to create Mimark. She knows first hand what it’s like to be unconscious and unrecognised. Knocked off her bike by a car running a stop sign, she was unconscious for two days. There was no way for anyone to know who she was, whether she had any medical conditions or how to get hold of her family. Thankfully, even with 25 broken bones, she recovered fully and was able to get back on her bike again.

Now twenty years later, tracy is the mum of two boys. Both of her sons have a mild blood-clotting disorder, a type of haemophilia. Like any parent, she wants to protect her children. Tracy wanted to ensure that anyone with her sons knows of their condition and how to treat them if needed.

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Initially launching with the Mimark Recognizer and worn as a wrist watch, it has all the features of a sports watch, but it has the added feature of linking to the wearer’s virtual id and their emergency contacts.

Due to the high level of demand and the growing interest and awareness for Personal ID, Tracy has looked at additional product offerings to allow the Mimark Virtual ID to be more accessible to more people.  This led to the recent launch of Mimark adhesive labels, which also display unique QR Codes and ID numbers. These labels are perfect for attaching to helmets, bikes, scooters, cellphones, mobility scooters etc. The Virtual ID labels have opened up the accessibility of the Mimark Virtual ID service to anyone, at a purchase price of just $10.  Virtual id storage costs the wearer $20 annually.

We have it on good authority that Mimark have some exciting future product iterations in the pipeline and are very proud to work with Tracy Austin the founder of Mimark to establish this new product brand online.

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