Content Management Systems

In today’s complex digital world, content is still king. The ability to update, edit and add new content is key to your online success.

A Content Management System allows non-technical users to make changes to an existing website with little or no training. By building your site in a CMS, you bypass the need to rely on a web designer to make small changes to your website content. These changes could be anything from adding news or events updates, address changes, managing documents to adding photos to your web gallery.

At Meta Digital, we have chosen to specialise in two of the most popular open source Content Management Systems available – Drupal and WordPress, and have devoted 1000’s of hours to becoming experts with these systems.

One of the advantages of developing your website in either of these systems is the ability to ‘plug-in’ add on functionality as desired. You can start with an easy to use CMS as your base and expand your website as required.

We provide Web Content Management Systems which are easy to maintain and update – and our solution allows you to create unlimited pages. Because the systems we use are implemented as a web application, no software is required – you can make any changes yourself in a standard browser.

Talk to us today to discuss your new web project and how it would fit within a Content Management System.

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