eCommerce Consulting

If you are thinking about selling your product online there are a few things you will need to think about before you get started.

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  • Do you have experience of selling products through mail order?
  • Have you the skills and capacity to fulfil sales orders?
  • How will you manage sales orders? You? An office assistant? Or outsourced via 3PL services (such as Online Distribution)?
  • How easy is it for you to deliver products to your customers?
    – Have you considered the weight and cost of shipping?
    – Can you ship using standard sized packaging?
    – Are your products perishable?
  • Are your goods available worldwide and have you considered;
    – Currency conversion?
    – Import /export regulations?
    – Additional shipping costs or complex shipping rules?
  • Do your products have variations or options, such as size or colour etc?
  • How easy is it for customers to make a buying decision based on only text and images where they can’t touch, taste or smell your products?
  • Will customers really buy your product online? (we’re serious – you must realistically consider the implications of trying to sell an item which people will only buy if they can touch it).
  • Can you handle customer complaints and returns?
  • Do you have staff to answer customer questions in real time?
  • To what extent do you expect repeat customers? Will you your shopping cart require an “Account” feature for your customers?

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