Luxury lodges at their best

Luxury lodges at their best

We helped Luxury Lodges build an online experience that their incredible venues create for their customers.

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Who are they?

Luxury Lodges of NZ are a collective of beautiful lodges in outstanding locations around New Zealand. They are a select group of the finest accommodation that fufils the promise of our amazing New Zealand cuisine, heritage and landscape.

The Challenge?

We are lucky to have a long standing relationship with Luxury Lodges of NZ. Having developed their websites over the last 15 years, we have seen an evolution as the luxury lodges sector grows and gains momentum in NZ. This site was a chance to use bold beautiful images to truly represent the majestic and unique qualities of each Lodge. The site needed to reflect the 5 star values of the lodges and the undeniably world class experience they offer to their guests.

Our Solution

We developed a website that allowed exceptional Lodge showcasing as well as a beautiful user experience.

Large full screen images were used to show the sheer scale of the lodges and highlight the details and quality that each location possessed.

Customer experience was top of the list for the website with a need to make referrals seamless but also to invoke an emotional connection to the lodges.

Beautiful Images

To display the splendor and luxury of each of the Lodges, large full screen images were used. In a way hoping to transport potential customers into this 5 star world of luxury and indulgence. Both zoomed in images and landscape shots were used across the site to show the lodges in situ and the finer details of the experience.

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Drupal CMS

The website was built on the highly functional CMS platform of Drupal, providing full access to customise and edit content on the fly. This gives the freedom to develop fresh content for the site to increase traffic and referrals for the individual lodges.

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Emphasis on Experiences

Showcasing not only the Lodge but the experiences on offer at each was of huge importance. Icons were developed to represent the different options which could be easily identified at a quick glance. The experiences were also used on the interactive map where customers could easily filter their lodge selection based on their experience preference.

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The Results

The emphasis on experiences has allowed the website to expand its reach into multiple search categories, giving an excellent organic ranking in google and high visibility. Traffic has increased year on year and the individual lodges benefit from the high page ranking and search optimisation.

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