Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Achieving better search engine rankings is a vital step to building your online visibility, without strong search engine placement your website may be impossible to find amongst your competitors for the most popular searches.

Search Engine Optimisation (also known as SEO), is the process of improving your websites’ visibility by ensuring the pages of your website can be found by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing – the outcome being to increase the amount of visitors to your website.

If you are not being found when prospective customers search online for services which you offer – there is a high probability your competitors are getting the business
Meta Digital can work with you to increase your online visibility to search engines by identifying the gaps in your current website which limit your results, and provide recommendations to make changes and enhancements to your website to be found online.

Search Engine Compliance & SEO Audit
Meta Digital will provide you with an ‘on-page’ analysis of your website, including recommendations to make small yet significant changes to your website to be more search engine compliant – as well as promoting the most relevant keywords your customers are searching for. Our recommendations may include use of Page Titles, Meta Description tags, Page Headings as well as Link URLs, – all of which make a significant difference to your search engine visibility.

Optimising Your Website to be ‘Search Engine Friendly’
This is the first task to ensure your website can be found in searches. ‘Optimising’ a website primarily involves editing the ‘on-page’ content and HTML code base to increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove any barriers to search engines so your website is indexed.

Increasing Online Visibility
We use a variety of methods to help a webpage be included in search engine results. These include:

  • Presenting content that includes popular keyword phrases, so as to be relevant. Adding relevant keywords to Page Titles, Page Description and Headings.
  • Updating the URLs of web pages to include the keywords matching the content of your page
  • Building keyword rich anchor text links throughout your website
  • Link building between pages of your website. Giving more links to key pages of the website, to increase PageRank used by search engines.
  • Linking from other websites and online business directories.

Ongoing Google Analytics & Web Ranking Reports
Where you make significant modifications to your website it is useful to measure the result of its success. Ideally a few weeks after the implementation of the changes to allow time for the search engines to re-index your website.

We can provide you with a number of options for the on-going analysis and search engine ranking reports for your website to ensure solid reporting on your visibility and reach.

In addition to SEO, Meta Digital provides Search Engine Marketing which is the exercise of discovering what your target audience are searching or online and advising on the content for your website to ensure you are relevant to your audiences.

Meta Digital will work with you to gain better result with the main search engines – so that you can actively attract more customers to your website. Many of our customers are enjoying more enquiries through their websites because of our Search Engine Optimisation services. Contact us now to discuss how we can increase traffic to your web site.

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