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We want your website to be seen, and appreciated!

We don’t put all our energy into designing an exceptional website so it can disappear into the World Wide Web! We want your website to be seen by the right people, so your brand can make a real splash.

That’s where you need web marketing. At Meta Digital, our tried and tested approach involves discovering what your target audience is searching for online, then making sure it is included on your website.

Keyword research and search engine analysis to boost SEO.
Search engines can seem like complicated beings – but don’t worry, we’ve got them figured out!
Our web marketing service includes a comprehensive Search Keyword Analysis using a suite of search engine tools including Google Suggest, Google Keyword Tool, and a keyword database updated from a global database of over 400 search engines. We will discover a range of relevant keywords and phrases that will be most effective on your website. We can also identify who your competitors are for the given search terms and show where you rank against competitors for search engine placement. We can then include these little keyword “gems” throughout your website text with our professional copywriting services – so your website gets noticed by search engines, and by your audience!

Google Adwords.
Google AdWords campaigns are an extremely cost-effective way of increasing your website traffic. We can manage your Google AdWords campaigns and use the correct keywords to increase your search engine ranking, so your website pops up in the right place, at the right time!

Keen to start marketing your website effectively?
Simply contact one of our web marketing experts so we can put together a website strategy that will produce the right results for you. Don’t forget to take a look at our social media marketing – another powerful, cost-effective way to connect with your target audiences.

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