Website Redesign Service

Is your current website design looking out of date? Is it not converting visitors into sales or enquiries? Does it not work as well as it should on a mobile device? There are many reasons why an old site needs to be rebuilt.

While it’s really exciting starting from a blank canvas, there are some considerations that need careful attention. How does the site currently perform in Google? What will happen to our position in the search results? What about the old content, how will it get migrated across to the new site? In the case of e-commerce, what will happen to our historical order data and user accounts?

We have worked on many website redesigns and have a careful and systematic approach to all of these questions, we work with you to review both what did and didn’t work on the old website and then undertake a content audit, our user experience team can then reorganise your content into a logical and streamlined structure and start working on the visual design from there.

While we love good design, our redesign process focuses not only on updating the look of the site but on improving conversions that occur on your website, this mean more enquiries, more sales and more online visibility.