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Since content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal have matured, it’s never been easier to set up your own website and start publishing content. These systems allow you to load in different ‘themes’ giving your website a design and layout that is independent of the written copy present in the site.

There are literally thousands of ‘off the shelf’ website templates online and they vary in their quality from poor to great, there is one consistent fault they all have regardless of how good they look and function, they have not been built with a specific purpose in mind, in fact they have been designed and constructed to be as generic as possible so they appeal to as many potential purchasers as they can. Our website templating service is tailored to your needs, there is no extra features or widgets you will never use, no reliance on third party plugins for added functionality. The outcome of this is a faster and less bloated template. The template is built to purpose.

Meta Digital has many years experience building website templates to a high industry standard, our templates are developed to be responsive (they resize for smartphones), Search Engine friendly, fast loading and use common coding standards. We fit with your requirements as a development partner, this could be working with your internal development team to deliver HTML and CSS files or taking your designer’s layouts and developing a custom template through to the whole package of creating a unique design and then coding that into a template that can be applied to your website.

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