At Meta Digital, we are deeply committed to ensuring that your website fulfils both your needs and the expectations of your users. We recognize that embarking on a web project can feel overwhelming, as entrusting such a significant endeavour to someone else can be challenging.

We’re proud of our reputation as being “partners, not suppliers” and see your input and feedback throughout a project integral to its success…But what exactly classifies as “valuable” feedback, and how can we both make sure the next iteration hits the nail on the head? Look no further! We’ve outlined some helpful tips below:

Stay focussed on the project phase

Seeing your ideas come to life is an exhilarating experience, and it’s only natural to get caught up in the big picture. However, drawing from our extensive 20-year experience in this industry, we have developed a well-defined phased process that we believe is most effective in ensuring that our collective focus remains aligned with the right priorities at each stage of the project. Your designer will keep you informed about the current phase and the type of feedback they’re looking for, whether it’s sitemap development, wireframing, or visual design. Make sure your feedback aligns with this phase and doesn’t jump the gun.

Be specific and objective

Once we head into the visual design phase, be specific about what you like or dislike about the design elements. Rather than saying, “I don’t like it,” explain the reasons behind your opinion. Focus on objective aspects such as colour choices, typography, layout, or usability. Being specific helps us understand your perspective and make informed adjustments.

Provide examples

Visual references bridge the gap between verbal descriptions and actual design elements, helping to convey preferences and expectations more effectively. If you’ve seen a website, poster, social media post, anything you like the look of and aligns with what you’re after – send it our way! We can then better understand your vision and make targeted improvements.

Consider the target audience and goals

Keep in mind the target audience and project goals while providing feedback. Understand the intended users and objectives of the website. This perspective allows you to offer feedback that aligns with the intended purpose and helps us create a design that effectively communicates with the target audience.


Providing constructive feedback is an essential aspect of our collaborative process. By being specific, objective, and offering clear suggestions, we’ll be able to refine our work and meet your vision. We’re all after the same goal, let’s hope this helps get us there a little bit quicker!