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No matter how wonderful your website is, it's not immune to time.

Meta Digital offers our website clients affordable website hosting, hosting management, and domain registration so you only have to deal with one company for all your website needs.

With our managed hosting plans we will handle the technical management, repair, and updates for your website. This ensures that your website is always running optimally, free of bugs and viruses, and current with the latest software updates and patches.

At Meta Digital, we have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of clients and their websites – and we’ve noticed a trend. The most successful websites have the most proactive maintenance.

Core CMS/Plugin Updates & Malware/Security Scanning

Our websites are built on CMS software (such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento etc) and allow customers to update their own content. Unfortunately hackers delight in exploiting security vulnerabilities in website software. Reputable software vendors (WordPress, Drupal, Magento) do their best to fix these vulnerabilities when discovered to keep their users protected. When you neglect updates on your website, you neglect to protect your website from such vulnerabilities.

Most hackers don’t target you individually. They write programs (bots) that scan the web looking for websites that are vulnerable. So even if you are small and relatively unknown, your site is on par with all others in the eyes of hacker bots.

While it’s easy to do these updates, sometimes updated plugins no longer function correctly and can break your website. This typically happens when the plugin doesn’t get updated to remain compatible with the updated version of WordPress. This can be a scary thing, as it can lock you completely out of your website or display only a white screen to your site visitors. We know how to reduce the likelihood of this happening, and know how to roll-back to a previous version if things go really bad.

We also proactively scan your website looking for signs that your site has been compromised. The quicker we can find and correct an issue, the less chance there is of something going wrong on your site.


Sometimes despite all best efforts, your site gets hacked, somebody accidentally deletes something critical to the functioning of the website or an update breaks something that can’t be easily fixed. At those times, you’ll be glad to have a full recent backup of your website so that we can restore everything to it’s pre-broken state. Backups can also aid in migrating your website to a new web host and protecting you if something happens to your web hosting infrastructure. Some web hosts backup, but many are inconsistent and unreliable in this regard. We think it’s better to control this on our end to make double sure.

Uptime Monitoring

This monitors your website and notifies us if your site is offline for any reason. While its common for web hosting companies to have short outages during the night as they do server maintenance, frequent outages can be an indicator of an unreliable web host or a configuration issue. Uptime monitoring allows us to keep tabs on this and proactively deal with this if it shows to be a regular problem.

*Web Hosting does not include email hosting. We recommend using Google Apps for email management.


Many websites go unattended for months – even years – allowing for outdated content, broken links, and non-functioning forms that decrease effectiveness. Our plans are designed to make sure that the basics are in working order so that your customers always see a professional, user-friendly, working website.

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